Dovecliffe Hall Wedding Highlights Film – Sarah and Frazer

Our brand new highlights film that we have to show you all has been put together in a different style than how we would normally work. This is one of my favourite videos that I have ever put together, the lighting is fantastic at the venue and we had lots of varied shots.

When we were asked by Sarah and Frazer to film their wedding on recommendation from photographer Emma Nunn, we were delighted. We’ve never filmed at Dovecliffe Hall near Burton-on-Trent before and it’s one of those venues that is right on our doorstep. The wedding ceremony took place at 4.00pm on 17th January 2015. Our first wedding of the year. The lighting was just great as it had been a lovely sunny day!

Sarah and Frazer are such an adorable couple and we loved working and being a part of their day! It is always lovely to work with Dave and Emma Nunn, we all make a great team!

Since posting this wedding online last night we have received such a positive response and even Sarah herself sent us this wonderful email:

“Well… Through the tears we have watched it twice already, it’s perfect! We adore it. You have captured our day beautifully and we couldn’t have asked for more. Stunning. 
Thank you so very much. xx “


New Stuff

We at Midway Media are always investing in new equipment/software for our business. We do this because we love filming and we love creating stunning visual masterpieces. We love the fact that we’re continuing to up our game and offer something modern, creative and innovative to new clients, whether that be a wedding or a promotional film for a business.

So what’s new, well we have already purchased one of the items on my goodies to buy list and that is the Koolertron 60cm Slider :)

In fact it will be having it’s first outing on Sunday at the Kedleston Hall wedding fayre that we’ll be exhibiting at.

The bit of kit which is essential is a new DSLR, namely the Canon 6D :), this will replace my existing Canon 7D camera. If I could afford it, I’d purchase another Canon 5D MK3 as I love this camera so much!


The next thing on the goodies to buy list is the Kessler Travel Jib. I’ve wanted one of these for sooooo long….. it’s going to be a great asset for stunning shots.

Lastly, it’s the BarberTech Steddiepod – no image of this unfortunately, I’m trying to source it in the UK. It is essentially a mono-pod with the ability to act as a glide cam without all the necessary weights needed to ensure stability when using a glide cam. I have a glide cam just never used it! Perhaps I should :)

That’s it really for now, apart from little things like a brand new Macbook Pro…. a few new lenses, the spending really never stops!

Honeysuckle and Castle Wedding Fayre

This weekend Honeysuckle & Castle Event Services are hosting a fantastic wedding fayre at Kedleston Hall, Derby. Why is this exciting? Well, this is the first ever wedding fayre that has been organised at Kedleston Hall and what a positive response this has received.

You can come and join us and 34 other exhibiters this Sunday 1st March 2015 for a well organised, well advertised and well situated venue in the stunning county of Derbyshire. We will be exhibiting from 11am until 3pm so please do come along and say hello, find out what we’re about and even ask us as many questions as you like.

For this wedding fayre we thought we would do something a little different and surprise those that are interested in our stall. You will have to wait until the weekend to see what we have for you! One clue I can give you though is it’ll be creative but it’ll be informative. Should I tell you more? That is cheeky if I do but the answer is no, you will see on Sunday ;)

If you would like to attend this wedding fayre then visit for FREE tickets to this event and you will receive a complimentary goody bag upon arrival.

Alternatively visit their Facebook page for updates about the event and an event attendance list below –


The Success of The Riverside Hotel Wedding Fayre

Yesterday we exhibited at The Riverside Hotel’s Wedding Fayre in Branston, Burton-on-Trent. As we said before it was our first wedding fayre for a long time, so how did we do?

At the start of the day, the amount of foot fall was great and people did seem interested in our stall which got us excited. It was nice to see 2017 couples looking at what they can hire locally even though they were unsure when in 2017 they wanted to get married.

We cannot say everyone was interested in videography as it isn’t to everyones taste or it is seen as a luxury item that might be left until the end. We did receive a few comments as people walked by but you expect that and remain positive about your business. We still had fun!

Although there were negatives about the day, we had some fantastic responses from couples just looking for ideas. People who had never considered videography before loved our work and after explaining the pros of having a wedding video people warmed to the idea. We answered questions anyone had about videography and what they would receive for their money.

Overall I would say the day was great, we engaged in lots of couples and parents considering many options for their wedding day  :)

We thought we would mention some of the suppliers that exhibited at the wedding fayre and were great to us especially as we are new to their wedding suppliers family.


Paul Ace, Musician

Alison Evans Bridalwear

Weddings & Flowers R Us

Lemon Balloon Cakes

Stuart at Capital Limousines

Pioneer Roadshows and Events

Spirit Wedding Services

Riverside Hotel Wedding Fayre

For a long time we have not exhibited at a wedding fayre for many reasons. Although we do like the idea of wedding fayres, what goes on during the day, the lovely couples you meet and all of the fantastic suppliers so Midway-Media are back for another one!

It’s now time to get back onto the wedding scene, we are doing our first wedding fayre of 2015 at the Riverside Hotel, Branston, Burton-on-Trent on Sunday 22nd February 2015. As we’ve been receiving local enquiries and we have also received two confirmed bookings for local weddings in the last two days, we really want local people to get to know us.

If you are getting married and are looking for ideas for your wedding, why not pop over to the Riverside Hotel, Branston and have a nosey at what we have to offer.

We will be having a stall full of our work, a television to view wedding videos and lots more :)


Enquiring About Videography?

Here at Midway-Media HQ we have been informed by a enquirer that our emails have been hiding in people’s junk mail folders. We know Hotmail accounts can do this with email addresses that you may not have had contact with before. If you do enquire through the blog, we usually respond quite quickly to enquiries as we do not like to keep people waiting so please be aware of our emails. I would advise to contact us again if you cannot find your email from us as we are available through Facebook and via telephone. 

We thought we would highlight this issue as it may look like we’re being ignorant but I promise we’re not :)



Contact Number: 01283 218549


The Hidden Costs of Videography

We have received many enquiries over the last two weeks and this blog post is not to slate any of them, all of our enquiries have been lovely. I’m writing about this because a few enquiries have said ‘I don’t actually know what the costs are for videography.’ ‘I didn’t realise how much work goes into videography.’ We’ve had many people say this to us which is understandable because I don’t think videography has ever really been explained.

I am going to highlight what goes into a videographers day whether it is at a wedding, event or corporate film. 

If we have been asked to work for the full day of the wedding this means, travelling before hand which could be up to 2.5 hours depending on the distance. We cover up to 2 hours of the bridal preps, ceremony, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and we will continue with a few shots afterwards. This may sound quite easy but it really isn’t. The course of the day could be up to 12, 13, 14 hours for the entire day for the filming. At the end of the day/evening, we are extremely tired but we absolutely love our job.

Midway-Media  are a team of two, myself and my husband Barry. We have also had to ask our daughter to help us with bigger weddings so technically we can be a team of three. We do not just use your standard HD cameras, we have spent nearly £35,000 for our equipment to provide the best quality service possible. We have glidetracks/sliders, glidecams, tripods, sound recorders, monopods, lighting equipment and these come along with us to your wedding day. Of course we have to insure these due to accidental damage or theft not forgetting public liability insurance so that’s more costs we have to think about as well as music licensing so we can use songs on wedding videos. Also, as we film with HD DSLRs the file sizes are rather large so in order for us to edit seamlessly, we need good computer gear and media software. This is an additional expense of about £5,000 but this is the route we’ve chosen to produce the best work we can!

Once we have filmed a wedding we then have to transfer the footage from the day we can be a number of hours worth of filming especially if we have used three cameras to make sure we have the shots you’re looking for. I’ll sit through all of the footage and colour grade it, edit the audio sounds, putting clips to music and syncing it all together. It is not a five minute job, there have been times where it has taken up 60 hours to edit a wedding film and we have to take this into account when we’re quoting our work because it is still us working from your day. I will occasionaly stay up until one o’clock in the morning when necessary, if I’m working on a project just to get it right and where I’m happy with it. Our style of editing is very time consuming outside the formal parts of the day. We’re trying to tell the perfect story and reflect your personalities into your film as well as capture and use as much detail as we can. Our job is to create a beautiful wedding film that highlights your day.

We do spend a lot of time thinking about what we would like to capture in our videos, we spend time putting them together as we want our clients to sit back and remember their wedding day in the best possible way. We do get emotionally involved into our videos just because getting married is for life and making those vows to the person you love can be very emotional. Making it extra special for you is what we aim to do.

We will try our best to accommodate our clients as we’re not all about us, we absolutely adore the people we work with and would love to work with more lovely like minded couples out there. There are alternatives available with us if you just fancy having a chat about it. We don’t direct our clients, unless they wish to do something fun, we just capture the day as it happens. We try our best not to get in the way of your photographer so as not to ruin your photos and of course not to annoy your photographer.

I understand some people are aware of the amount of work that goes into videography but some people are unsure. A lot of people say ‘You get what you pay for’ in some cases, yes this is true but if you are looking for a cheaper videographer be aware that watching their work is an absolute MUST! We have seen examples of people booking their videographer and being absolutely devastated with their video. You can ask to meet your videographer, we offer to meet our clients before any bookings made just to see if we’re right for them.

This is my full time job and I could not ask for a better job, sometimes it is difficult, sometimes you get stuck with editing processes but I would not want to do anything else :). Like a writer, we occasionally get editor’s block but a bit of time away to think, it will all be fine and I reflect, recap and then everything is all good once again! To see our wedding films, why not visit us on Vimeo

Thanks for reading, happy planning and chat soon.

Tracey xx

AlonA Hotel, Strathclyde Park, Wedding of Leigh and David

What a day, the sun was shining it was lovely and warm, back end of summer and we were filming our first wedding at the AlonA Hotel at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell! It was the morning of the wedding and off we went to Stonehouse and Larkhall for the filming of the bridal and the latter part of the groom preparations. Leigh had already had had her make-up applied so I was there to capture candid shots and details. Same with the groomsmen really, although no make-up there!

One thing that caught my attention was Leigh’s bouquet. It was made of different beads and buttons designed by Dawnies Buttons & Beads. Leigh and David had chosen a lilac and purple colour scheme, just love purple, it’s one of my favourite colours, so many shades of it. I had purple at my wedding 7 years ago! Her Ronald Joyce dress was simply perfect too and I’m sure you’ll agree she looks stunning in it. Karolina Anilorak of from Glasgow was the couple’s chosen photographer for the day and it was lovely working with her.

Once back at the AlonA, we awaited the arrival of our lovely bride Leigh. A beautiful humanist ceremony was held in the huge Marquee at the back of the hotel. It was a pleasure to film and be a part of Leigh and David’s wedding. We’ve not filmed any weddings in Scotland since 2011 up in the Highlands, so it was great to go back up North. It took me two days to put the highlights together and I’m very pleased to say that the couple love them! Just love wedding filming! A few words about the AlonA Hotel is that it’s a lovely place to stay and work. The staff were very helpful throughout our stay and on the wedding day. The food, very scrumptious! If you get married at the AlonA, you get to go on the Merrygoround (Carousel) in the theme park at the side of the hotel for photos. Very different and great to capture.

If we can help with your wedding filming, then please contact us. We’re based in Derbyshire but we film all over the UK.

Meet and Greet

Before thinking ‘Oh no I’m a bit worried we might be making a mistake here’ it is important to highlight that we are not pushy sales people, we understand couples worry about where their money goes. So we’ll talk you through our process for a bit of ease.

If you’re thinking about hiring us for your wedding then why don’t you arrange to meet us before you consider booking with us? We love the idea of getting to know our clients (without this sounding cheesy) before their special day so we can make friends not just take money off people. Straight to the point, I know.

In the next few weeks we’re meeting with a potential client and this couples wedding is in December this year, they haven’t booked yet but they’re really keen to meet us and we’re excited to meet them. This meeting will be about getting to know the couples by having a friendly approach and discussion about them. We will then discuss details about the wedding and the venue and what they’ll get from their wedding video. 

We have always insisted in meeting with our clients before their wedding day to get to know one another and to talk to them about our filming. Please do not feel pressured by us, we do not expect you to book with us right there and then, we would love to meet and have a chat with you regarding us, our service and your day.

If the distance between us all is too far, why don’t you Skype us instead? One of our previous brides Skyped us as a meeting was quite difficult to arrange due to the couple living in London and it was a little too far for an hours meeting. If you require this service then please ‘Contact Us’ and we can give your our Skype username.

We’re all about getting to know you, if you want to get to know us then just head over to Midway-Media Wedding & Event Videographers on Facebook and see what we get up to :)

This is the team at Midway-Media:

10559955_10152685136653619_1098129222294836534_n 1620944_10202596905857585_54684453_n

Catering For You

It’s a lovely Sunday today, we have received another booking to film a wedding for March this year. It’s exciting news :)

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer but you are unsure about the costs of videography then we have decided to do something a little different to other videographers. After a little discussion with the Midway-Media team, we thought it would be a good idea to change the way we price wedding videography. 

Let us talk to you about our new pricing strategy. If you like our work, if you like our posts on here and just like the idea of Midway-Media filming your special day then please do get in touch. Our ‘Catering For You’ allows you to tell us about your day, where you’re getting married, what coverage you would like and the most important thing, the date! The thoughts behind this idea was built around the fact every couple is different and are looking for different things. It may make sense to price all weddings the same but not everyone has the same structure at their wedding.

One example of this can be, getting married at 4pm? Why should you pay the same amount as someone getting married earlier in the day? Well, we thought this unfair for our clients so this is why we’re Catering For You. All we need are the details of your wedding and we can discuss a quote and we’re happy to set up meetings if you’re still unsure.

For those of you that do not know a little bit about Midway-Media, we are a husband and wife team so you will always have two videographers for your wedding day as well as all of our kit. If you do have any questions regarding our work or about us, get in touch, ask to meet us and we’ll be happy to help!

Please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or visit if you’d like a chat :)



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