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Before thinking ‘Oh no I’m a bit worried we might be making a mistake here’ it is important to highlight that we are not pushy sales people, we understand couples worry about where their money goes. So we’ll talk you through our process for a bit of ease.

If you’re thinking about hiring us for your wedding then why don’t you arrange to meet us before you consider booking with us? We love the idea of getting to know our clients (without this sounding cheesy) before their special day so we can make friends not just take money off people. Straight to the point, I know.

In the next few weeks we’re meeting with a potential client and this couples wedding is in December this year, they haven’t booked yet but they’re really keen to meet us and we’re excited to meet them. This meeting will be about getting to know the couples by having a friendly approach and discussion about them. We will then discuss details about the wedding and the venue and what they’ll get from their wedding video. 

We have always insisted in meeting with our clients before their wedding day to get to know one another and to talk to them about our filming. Please do not feel pressured by us, we do not expect you to book with us right there and then, we would love to meet and have a chat with you regarding us, our service and your day.

If the distance between us all is too far, why don’t you Skype us instead? One of our previous brides Skyped us as a meeting was quite difficult to arrange due to the couple living in London and it was a little too far for an hours meeting. If you require this service then please ‘Contact Us’ and we can give your our Skype username.

We’re all about getting to know you, if you want to get to know us then just head over to and see what we get up to :)

This is the team at Midway-Media:

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Catering For You

It’s a lovely Sunday today, we have received another booking to film a wedding for March this year. It’s exciting news :)

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer but you are unsure about the costs of videography then we have decided to do something a little different to other videographers. After a little discussion with the Midway-Media team, we thought it would be a good idea to change the way we price wedding videography. 

Let us talk to you about our new pricing strategy. If you like our work, if you like our posts on here and just like the idea of Midway-Media filming your special day then please do get in touch. Our ‘Catering For You’ allows you to tell us about your day, where you’re getting married, what coverage you would like and the most important thing, the date! The thoughts behind this idea was built around the fact every couple is different and are looking for different things. It may make sense to price all weddings the same but not everyone has the same structure at their wedding.

One example of this can be, getting married at 4pm? Why should you pay the same amount as someone getting married earlier in the day? Well, we thought this unfair for our clients so this is why we’re Catering For You. All we need are the details of your wedding and we can discuss a quote and we’re happy to set up meetings if you’re still unsure.

For those of you that do not know a little bit about Midway-Media, we are a husband and wife team so you will always have two videographers for your wedding day as well as all of our kit. If you do have any questions regarding our work or about us, get in touch, ask to meet us and we’ll be happy to help!

Please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or visit if you’d like a chat :)


Our Service

If you’re looking for a videographer, I bet you’re wondering what we can do for you or what you would expect on your wedding video. Well, as we always say, we like to meet with our clients before the wedding to get an idea of what they’d like, the venue details (we will visit the venue beforehand) and any special requirements on your day.

After your wedding we will be in contact with you regarding music to be featured on your wedding video, we can purchase these tracks if we do not already have them so please go ahead and use your favourite songs. If you do change your mind about any of your chosen tracks, please do let us know as soon as possible so we can remove them from your video. This is a long editing process and we edit your video to the music so the earlier we know, the quicker we can correct it.

Before you receive your wedding video you will have a highlights video which can vary from 4-7 minutes, this is a summary of your wedding day and you’re able to share this with your friends and family. Every couple receives a highlights video of their day.

This is an example of our Showreel that has a collaboration of weddings we have filmed.

Where Are We?

If you enjoy looking through social networking accounts then feel free to take a look at ours. We are on several networking sites and we update them daily. We have noticed there seems to be a lot more interaction through social networking accounts so we have tried to ‘get with it’ and join everyone. There are two of us that use all of these sites so if you would like to have a chat with us through there then we are more than welcome to help.

You can follow/subscribe to us on these accounts –







Look out for this image and you’ll know it is us :)


It’s Time to Make a Change

Since we started the business we have always used the same presentation cases for our couples to have their wedding DVD presented in. Don’t get me wrong, the cases were lovely and we were able to pop a little image from the couples wedding day on the front. Although the company still make these cases, we thought a change might be nice for our 2015 weddings. I have been on a hunt for a while now to find the perfect presentation case to provide to our clients.

Today, I found that case, the perfect one, the one that would bring a smile to your face if you opened it in the post. Did you say you want to see it? Well, I will get there as it has taken me a long time to find this, the reason I like it so much is because it looks very elegant and classy. We think our couples are classy so they should have a classy case.


What are your opinions on our new cases? Feel free to comment below!

Throwback Thursday

Today our Throwback Thursday wedding video is of Jayne and Paul who got married at church before holding their reception at the stunning Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire. This wedding was lovely to film as Jayne surprised Paul by organising a Robbie Tribute Act, he had no idea about the surprise, that’s why it was a wonderful atmosphere. As you will see in the video, everything was laid out perfectly, the colour scheme was beautiful, the day was full of emotion and laughter! Congratulations to the happy couple who I’m pleased to say have a beautiful baby boy now :)

Thinking About 2016 Already?

Have you recently got engaged? Maybe your wedding day is finally around the corner with months left to finish off the final preparations. If 2016 is the year of your wedding but you still have lots left to plan, how would you feel if we made it easier for you? It has been a while since we offered an early bird special but with enquiries coming in we thought about bringing it back.

I guess it is daunting thinking that your big day is so close yet so far away, things maybe half finished or an item has been missed off your to do list and panicking begins. Then can you predict what will happen next? People will ask why you are panicking and then you will panic more as you think you are over panicking so it is like a vicious circle. From experience finishing the last bits of my wedding made me miss planning it but we had a lovely day. I cannot really remember what I left until the very end but I know there was something. I easily forgot about what I had done and not done (no to do lists, unorganised, yes indeed) but the enquiries we have received recently are for a few weeks/months before the big day. This is not a bad thing at all, I must say I find it exciting to see what we have got coming up like the wedding we have on Saturday which was booked just under four weeks ago. It is nice to see people change their minds about having a videographer for their wedding day as we will do whatever we can to make your memories special!

So what is the offer?

Good question, the offer allows new 2016 couples to save 10% off any package if they are getting married throughout next year. The offer only applies if you book your video by 1st March 2015 and all we require is a 20% deposit to secure your date. However, this offer will be on a first come, first served basis so contact us today about our availability for next year.

We can discuss any packages you may have seen, questions about your day or what we would capture for you. Anything you may think you need to know more information about please do not worry about contacting us. 

We are circulating this image across Facebook so if you are in any of the wedding groups on there keep your eyes open for this.

MM Offer

A Competition for Suppliers

It is our first competition of the year and they are quite difficult for us to try and accommodate for everyone who likes our Facebook page. We love to support all businesses in different fields whether they work in the wedding industry or if they own their own shop. Either way, businesses need to stick together!

We’re running a competition for suppliers to win a FREE blog post about their business on this very blog.


If you are worried that your business will miss out on this great opportunity then head over to our Facebook page and enter, the competition closes 31st January 2015. The instructions are featured below in the following links.


Direct Link:

Recommend a Friend to Midway-Media

We have always expressed how we like to save our future clients money on their wedding video or even a promotional video by offering them the best deal. So why not take advantage of the 10% off for recommending a friend to us? I guess 10% may not seem a lot but that 10% you save, you can put towards another item on your big wedding list. We like to help as much as we can, so let us help you.

The 10% will be deducted off the original filming price.

Recommend a Friend

Above is the image we want you to share with your friends and then get back to us with your recommendation and we can sort out a quote for you. If you’re after a particular package we can try and work together to give you the reminder of your special day on your video just the way you imagined it.

This offer can also be used for business owners especially if you are looking for a corporate/promotional video. 

To redeem this offer please use the Contact Us page and send your enquiry through and we will get back to you as soon as we receive an email :)

Behind the Scenes of Newborn Shoots

Today I’d like to show you a corporate video focusing on the work of Lyn Chapman at Wings Photography, Wingerworth, near Chesterfield. Lyn specialises in Newborn and Baby photoshoots but is also available for Wedding Services. If you haven’t found a suitable and trustworthy photographer, then Lyn is your lady as she is a member of the Baby and Newborn Photographers Association (BANPAS).


A quote from Lyn’s website:

‘All my Newborns are photographed before they are 5 weeks old, usually around 2 weeks, to insure you get the squishy newness of your baby and memories you will treasure forever. In 2014 I became a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS) who promote safety in Newborn Photography.’

I had a lot of fun working with Lyn on this video as it showcases devotion to her work as well as her clients. In this video we see the love and commitment Lyn has for her job but what mostly shows for me is the genuine care of the baby featured. This is one of the many reasons I’m pleased Lyn asked me to do a promotional video for her because it really is important to show the preparation and how a photographer works with a baby.

This was a beautiful video to put together, a wonderful person to work with and what an adorable baby to be our model!

If you have any questions regarding Lyn’s work please visit the following sites:



The responses I’ve received since posting Wings Photography’s video has been overwhelming. We have even received a Facebook review from Lyn herself, it says:

Lyn Chapman Lbipp Lrps – 5 star* Tracey from Midway-Media recorded a promotional video for my Photography business. Its amazing, would 100% recommend to anyone.’ – 


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