Emma & Molly – ‘Divas and Horses’


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Today, I have the pleasure in introducing the lovely Emma and her horse Molly.  Emma was my second lifestyle photoshoot that I did where she opted for the glam look, as opposed to casual, which I call my “Divas with Horses” … Continue reading

Super Moon – 10.08.14


So last night saw the Super Moon, without the cape of course!  I took these few pictures from standing on my sunroom flat roof with tripod.  Clambering through my bedroom window looked highly suspicious if any neighbours were looking out their window at that moment in time.  Once there, it was a bit of a waiting game as it was rather cloudy last night!  We got there in the end.  Moons move quickly so it was essential to keep my shutter speed quite fast.  This also prevents the glow effect as the ISO was no more than 200 so, no noise.  I even managed to get my f.stop at F11.  It was quite a spectacular site although I didn’t stay around long enough to capture any meteor showers that had also been predicted.  It was rather breezy out there and bedtime was calling and I was a little cold, being rather nest, I get chilly quickly although I love winter (not rainy winters though).

So here are a select few images captured last night!

Ali & Steve’s Wedding


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Today I introduce you to Ali and Steve who were married at lovely Dovecliffe Hall near Burton-on-Trent. This gallery demonstrates my work through the eyes of a second shooter.  I love weddings and I love taking photos.  This is all quite … Continue reading

Emily & Dan’s Wedding


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Here is a selection of photographs that I have taken working as a second shooter for Dave Nunn Photography during Emily and Dan’s wedding in Worcestershire.  It was my second wedding working as a second shooter and although the day … Continue reading

Charlotte Dujardin – Double Olympian Medalist Visits Local Pony Club


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We were delighted to be asked by local PR Agent, Estelle Bradley to photograph a visit by the lovely Charlotte Dujardin,  double Olympian Gold Medalist and a fabulous icon to all.  Charlotte was visiting local riding centre, Knowle Hill Equestrian Centre … Continue reading

Peak District Wedding – Luisa & Rob


Today, I introduce you to Rob and Luisa who were married in May this year, in the wonderful Peak District.  Rob and Luisa met at university and started dating after working on a uni project together.  Luisa, was born and raised in Essex and Rob is from Hathersage, Derbyshire.    I think it’s great that they both decided to hold their wedding in Derbyshire.

The day we met Rob and Luisa at the Sir William Pub in Hathersage, we knew after chatting to them that we wanted to film their wedding. Luckily for us they booked us. Such a great couple to work with full of laughter and most of all, love.  The wedding day was in just one word “perfect”.

Rob and Luisa were married at Eyam Parish Church. The sun shone and it was lovely and warm. The village of Eyam (nestled in the Peak District between Sheffield and Curbar) is notably famous for the bubonic plague (Black Death outbreak in Derbyshire which killed around 260 village people in the 17th Century). After the beautiful ceremony, the couple held their reception on a friend’s farm in Hathersage. Rather than have a traditional looking marquee, Luisa and Rob had opted for 3 tipis. Inside the tipis were decorated with paper lanterns and bunting! A really vintage inspired country look with bales of hay for guests to seat on outside. We had a fantastic time filming and spending the day with Luisa, Rob, their family and friends.

The New Mrs D – a book by Heather Hill

So what have we been up to this week. Well aside from editing a beautiful Peak District wedding…. I’ve also co-produced my first ever book trailer for my wonderful sister-in-law, Heather Hill.

It sounds easy right? It’s more complex than you think…. why? It took a lot of good friends, time and patience plus lots of filming at various locations in South Derbyshire to create a look of one honeymoon destination in Greece. The weather had to be perfect for a sunset ride on horseback sporting yes a bikini, that in itself is a challenge, it’s risky (no hat nor saddle) plus it’s on a horse, horses can be unpredictable but Charlie and his owner Estelle were just perfect for the role, I really couldn’t have got any better. Both were superstars throughout and I cannot thank them enough for doing this on mine and Heather’s behalf. Next on the thank you list is my wonderful daughter for helping with one of the scenes which brought together an explosion of laughter over a fish, yes seriously a fish!!

Now I’m not going to give the game away about the film or what the book is about, I’ll just let you watch the trailer!!!  The trailer was filmed using DSLRs and edited in Final Cut Pro X (again a first for me, but I am rather pleased with it).

Enjoy, and should you wish to purchase your very own copy, please visit the link here http://www.amazon.co.uk/New-Mrs-D-Heather-Hill-ebook/dp/B00L3852KG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403188766&sr=8-1&keywords=heather+hill+the+new+mrs+d

Gateshead Hilton Hotel, Wedding Highlights of Savina & Dheeraj


Savina and Dheeraj’s wedding took place up in the North East at the Gateshead Hilton Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne. We’d been filming a wedding locally on the day before so we knew it would be an early start as we had to travel up to Newcastle.   Camera batteries charged, footage from the day before all backed up, we were ready.   At 6.00am we left home to make the 3 hour journey to the North East.  Being a Sunday and early, the roads were very kind to us.    The Sehra Bundi ceremony was to take place at 10.00am, followed by the Baaraat, the milnis (full of laughter) the actual Hindu wedding ceremony and then the evening celebrations.  the party was excellent  with guests dancing along to popular  music  tracks sang by Navin Kundra.

It was an action packed day from start to finish but a thoroughly enjoyable one. Savina her family and guests made us very welcome. Savina, is a very beautiful young lady and we wish her and Dheeraj many, many years of happiness in there married life together.

We filmed the whole wedding using DSLRs in particular, the Canon 5D MKIII, Canon 7D and the Canon 600D that we use purely on the Slider.   For audio recording, we set the Zoom H4N directly into the DJ,s sound system to get good quality audio.  For back-up we used a couple of DS40’s.

Emma & Bertie, Equine Lifestyle Photoshoot

Today, I introduce the lovely Emma and her horse Bertie a skewbald ISH.   These photos were taken a few weeks ago from a voucher that was purchased for Emma by her lovely friends last Christmas.  Lots of fun but most of all, the shoot was essentially to capture the relationship between Emma and Bertie.   It’s not very often that you get the opportunity to capture some natural movement shots but that day I was so lucky to shoot some great images.


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