Alrewas Hayes Wedding Highlights of Lucy & Paul

Lucy and Paul were married back in July 2011. We first met Lucy when she was teaching our daughter Samantha at Burton College. Lucy had been planning her wedding for some time and wanted the whole event filming. It was Samantha who put Lucy, Barry and I together and we went from there. Lucy works as a drama teacher but graduated from university with a degree in Film & Media so she knew just what she wanted from her wedding film.

It wasn’t until the actual wedding day that I found that I had known the groom from when he was just a young boy and even during our previous meetings I had not put two and two together. Having lost touch with his sister Heidi in the flesh (we did facebook but not often), it wasn’t until she was called up by the Registrar to do a reading that I realised that my old time best friend from junior school was the groom’s sister. After the ceremony it was then I had the opportunity of being reconciled with Heidi, her sister Julie and Paul’s family and from that moment, the wedding day became very personal to me. What I can say is that both Lucy and Paul have an amazing family and great friends!

Filming started with the bridal preparations in the bridal suite at the venue. Tha morning was buzzing and Lucy’s shoes… oh wow I hadn’t seen anything like them before so I seized the opportunity to get some fabulous footage of these gorgeous Shugh Irregular Choice “Oz Cant Touch This High Heels”. Lucy’s dress was just stunning with cascading frills from the hips down, designed by Kay Mason Brides (KMC207) and Lucy looked amazing in it – her slender figure really did suit the dress. The bridesmaids wore aline navy satin dresses complemented with an ivory sash. Lucy’s flowers were made by her mum in Lucy’s favourite flower, carnations in the colour pink!

Paul and his groomsmen all wore tailored suits complimented with a waistcoat, blue ties and Convey boots, yes that’s correct and they all looked very dapper as well as hip hop cool!

The table theme was Lucy & Paul’s favourite movies with each table being called one of their all time favourites. Paul is an avid Star Wars fan but unfortunately Star Wars did not make it to the top table as this was named after Lucy’s favourite film, The Princess Bride. Lucy was every bit the Princess Bride that day :).

The wedding ceremony itself was extremely emotional with the bride, groom and his sisters shedding a tear or two. Even I found it emotional. Prior to Lucy walking up the aisle, Barry was with Paul and Rob (the best man) and it was very clear to see just how nervous Paul was before Lucy arrived. Lucy and Paul made personal vows to each other which really represented what the couple were about and they were just lovely as well as at times very funny but overall their vows did show a good reflection of their personalities. Lucy and Paul’s first dance was a well choreographed version of the infamous dance scene in Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman & John Travolta. The whole day was fantastic and it was also nice to work alongside photographer Frank of A Class Photography based in Donisthorpe again.

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