CASA Hotel Chesterfield,Wedding Highlights of Sally & Tim

Sally actually came across us on Twitter when she began following us. After a few weeks of tweeting and her exchanging emails with Barry it was arranged for us to meet her and her fiance Tim to have a chat about their filming requirements. After that meeting, we were booked and well the rest is history.

Sally and Tim were married at St John’s Church in Ranmoor, near Sheffield back in May 2012.

After the wedding, the happy couple held their reception at CASA Hotel in Chesterfield. Both locations were a first for us and very nice they were too. What made it that little extra special was that we were allowed to film in the very garden at Walton Lodge of CASA owner has CASA doesn’t have any exclusive gardens of its own. The hotel itself though is rated 4* and is very, very nice! Contemporary and modem decor throughout with a hint of Spanish splendour!

We learnt during the filming of the speeches that Tim first clapped eyes on Sally many years ago when he was an upper sixth pupil and Sally a lower sixth pupil at the same college in year 2000. Sally of course didn’t really know Tim so their relationship didn’t actually begin until 31 December 2007 after being at the same university in Sheffield and both attended the same New Years Eve party, that Tim plucked up the courage to finally speak to Sally. Unfortunately for Tim, Sally didn’t remember him from her college days but at long last, they were finally brought together and starting dating shortly afterwards. Lots of journeys, renting houses and then buying their own house when finally Tim proposed to Sally on 23rd December 2010. So we’re told, Tim managed to take the afternoon off that day without Sally’s knowledge, to cook a surprise three course romantic meal (courtesy of Marks & Spencers) – he carefully placed the engagement ring in a roll ready to present to Sally which he did and luckily for him, Sally accepted and the rest is history.

On the day, Sally wore a stunning Sassi Holford dress called “Chloe” made of silk in ivory complemented with a diamante Vera Wang sash. In addition as Sally’s theme was black and white, she also had a black velvet sash for the evening! Sally complemented her look with a classic updo and long veil. The groomsmen all wore black tail suits complementing their suits with hint of pink satin cravats. The bridesmaids wore long black dresses finishing off their look with an ivory rose bouquet. The flowergirls were all dressed in beautiful ivory dresses with flower headdresses.

The service itself was carried out by Rev’d Alison Wooding who was absolutely lovely and she gave a beautiful service.

Sally’s mum made and decorated the wedding cake and each table had either tall vase with a selection of pastel coloured flowers with or smaller candle themed flower decorations. It all looked very nice. The table theme was based on interesting facts about Sally and Tim from when they first became a couple, to buying their first house and of course the proposal. Photographer on the day was John of S6 Photography based in Sheffield. His work is excellent and he was a great guy to work alongside with. I first came across S6 from the blog posts made by Boho Wedding and Events Planner who featured his work a lot and I was very impressed so when Sally mentioned that he was her photographer, she’d made a great choice!

That’s really all I’ve got to say – we had a great time, super couple, fabulous church, beautiful service, great venue…:-)

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