Chinese Wedding at Chatsworth House























Well this was our first Chinese wedding at the stunning Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.  When we first received the enquiry, we were really excited about it!  One our first Chinese booking and then of course the venue and of course, not forgetting our lovely couple.   Filming started with the bridal preparations at the brides house, just outside Manchester back in the summer of 2012.  I was filming the bridal preps and because of timings of things I needed to be there for 8.30am so a very early start.   Although we travelled to the wedding together once at the brides house, Barry went off to film the groomsmen getting ready at a nearby location.   He then followed the groom and groomsmen on foot to the brides house for the fun to begin.  It is customary for the brides maids to request a certain number of tasks to be completed before the groom can enter the house of his bride.   The groom and his groomsmen are subjected to drinking and eating things that really aren’t pallatable lol plus a series of other tasks until the list has been complete.   Once the groom had arrived at the house, there we had all the bartering with the bridesmaids which I have to say was hilarious before the groom presents his wife to be her flowers. Afterwards followed an intimate Tea Ceremony before the bride left the house for her civil wedding at Chatsworth.

For the morning, our bride had opted for a traditional red Chinese dress. Once at the hotel near the venue, our bride opted for a gorgeous white wedding gown that had been made in China especially for her – she looked amazing. The groom had opted for traditional tails along with his groomsmen accept instead of a cream Cravat the groom wore red.  Later on that day before the Claddagh band got underway, our lovely bride changed into another dress this time a purple full length but straight dress from Coast.

We worked alongside Manchester based photographer Asha Walczak who was absolutely lovely to work with throughout the entire day.  Our filming finished a couple of hours after the evening party started.  It may have been a long day but it was a thoroughly enjoyable one!

Chatsworth House is home to the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire and is one of our favourite places to visit year on year. It’s a beautiful venue and the gardens are stunning. There are set points within the gardens for photos and these are just great. I really hope that we get another opportunity to film at Chatsworth again in the near future whether it be a wedding or event.

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