Bridal Preparations Example Video

Today, I thought I’d share something a little different. Yes it is a video but this particular one demonstrates how we (Tracey) that is captures the bridal preparations and then edits it all together.

This is the part the groom never gets to see and it’s one part of the day that I love to film. It is amazing what I can capture on film with my 2/3 cameras in around 2 hours. During this time I generally have full control of what is filmed but I never interfere with the natural happenings of that part of the day. I just film around it all and you’d be surprised just how many of my lovely brides forget I’m there filming away! I’ve also been involved in the dressing of the bride or bridesmaids in one way or another whether it be as simple as doing the underskirt to actual lacing up, which I believe is because I film so many bridal preps, its lovely how my experience and advice is called upon at times in need. I have even been the one delivering buttonholes to church on the odd occasion. The thing is most things can be sorted quite quickly and it’s important that everyone remains calm and if I can do this and offer help and assistance, I will. I simply love my job!!!

A little mention too as Barry also offers filming of the groom preparations as it’s one part of the day which does get missed off. Grooms are seeing this as now being an important part of the day too and it is now getting more popular for us to film.

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