Chatsworth Sponsored Ride 7th July 2013

Today, I thought I’d share the fact and blog a little about it that I will be doing a sponsored horse ride of 6-12 miles around the Chatsworth Estate.  Now anyone who is a keen horse-rider will know that riding around Chatsworth is a great honour and one I am pleased to be undertaking.  It all happens on 7th July 2013 so a month away and lots to get prepared for.  I will be doing the ride with my good friend Emma Shaw of Ecclesbourne Interiors based in Duffield, Derbyshire.   We’ve been good friends now for 2 years sharing a passion for being a woman in business and our horses.  Emma is also a keen golfer and that’s something I know nothing about.  Golf and I simply just don’t go together although my husband likes a game when time permits.

Who are we fundraising for?

We are raising money for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland Air Ambulance and I’m sure you’ll agree a very worthy cause indeed.  Did you know that the Air Ambulance solely relies on monies raised by fundraisers to enable them to operate?  It costs thousands of pounds to put a helicopter in the air.  So now you know what and why we’re raising money, please do sponsor this worthy cause as we never know when we’re going to need them and at the end of the day they save lives…..

About my horse

Ollie is a 5 year old Irish Draught Sport Horse that was imported from Ireland as a 4 year old and he was bought for me after two very successful trials by my husband Barry.  Having never had a horse this young before I was absolutely scared to death – not of him but in case I did something wrong along the way of his education.  Well thankfully over a year later and lots of support from some fabulous friends, like Emma, Heidi and my Coach, Dani  alongside many others  (you know who you all are) we’ve come a very long way.  It hasn’t always been smooth but the bond and trust is there – well pretty much anyway.  I still fret sometimes… I just have to remember to take a deep breathe and get on with it and smile.  I’m Forever pushing myself out my confort zone 🙂 or should I say my fab coach gives me a gentle nudge.  Over the next coming weeks, I will start competing now that I have my lorry to transport Olls and I around.  There will be no stopping us once we’ve got going.  I’m sure my husband can’t wait.

Well that’s enough rambling from me – I will do a further updated blog once we’re on our way through various competitions and of course the sponsored ride.  Sponsoring is easy just click below and it will take you to my just giving page.

Many thanks in advance 🙂 wish me luck!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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