Bridal Boutique Promotional Video

There is always something nice about a bridal boutique. It gets the fingers tingling and a bride feels utter excitement. I know I did when I was dress shopping for “the one”.

Since filming weddings, I wanted to get involved a little more in working with local wedding suppliers to make promotional videos for them. I contacted Alison Evans who happens to run a bridalwear shop, to discuss the possibility of making a short promotional video of her boutique. Luckily she said yes so we put a date in the diary where the boutique would be quiet early in the morning. I had a great time as there is so much to capture. Plus it is such a lovely well run boutique with a huge choice of designer gowns to try on, together with exceptional staff helping to run it, I just had a great experience both as a bride and shooting the film. Having met Alison a few years back when I was trying on bridal dresses, I found her to be truly professional and a very nice lady to know. I can highliy recommend her. What is also nice is that we’ve filmed a few brides that have actually bought their bridal gowns from Alison, so I guess it’s nice for her also to see them on their day wearing it in our highlights films :).

If anyone else is interested in having a chat about a promotional video, please use the contact form and get in touch. I would love the opportunity to work with more wedding suppliers, helping to promote their businesses.

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