Smile, Camera, Action – You’re Getting Married!

The title is really just a play on words, and seriously we don’t turn up clapper board in hand literally yelling Smile, Camera, Action…

So now that we have that established, I would like to say hi there, to all my new and returning visitors and if you are new, then a huge welcome and thanks for taking a peek at the Midway Media Blog. Please feel free to search the archives, grab a cuppa and watch some short highlights featured on the various pages here – depending on what you’re looking for. This post is typically about the packages we offer to couples looking to have their wedding day filmed.

For those that don’t know what we’re about, Midway Media is a 2/3 team of professional videographers, passionate about filmmaking whether it be for a wedding, a business or an event, we simply love what we do.

So why the post? Simply; after careful thought and a great deal of market research, we found that by offering 3 straightforward package options to wedding day filming, these new themed packages would meet the needs of most brides looking for their big day filmed at a price they could afford without losing any form of quality to the end product. In essence, we still offer our cinematic filming style at three great prices without any hidden extras! The only thing that is charged in addition to the chosen package price, are items selected as an extra from our Optional Extras Menu. Our small team at Midway Media are utterly dedicated to providing first class service from start to finish. No wedding film is ever the same but what we do try to capture aside from the formalities of the day is the personalities of all those involved and use this within our films to tell the story of the day by careful editing. Each film varies in length but we try to keep it well under 2 hours. What is also new, is that we have now included an option for a Short Form Edit (a film of around 30 mins of the whole day) at a small additional cost, so it’s our wonderful couples that decide which feature wedding edit is best suited to them, not us!

From the moment we start filming, we look for creative shots to capture things in a different light to make what we do stand out a little more than the average. Tracey is especially great at capturing the bridal preparations and it is one of her most favourite parts of the day, as she really gets to know her bride and those closely around her during the morning. Everything Tracey captures is done naturally with no awkward posing as she uses high end zoom lenses to get close up shots without actually being that close by :-). In fact really that’s how we work, natural filming all day long. There are some exceptions when filming the bride and groom shots when they’re on their own but again we document purely what the photographer does and occassionally we may ask for that little bit more but that again depends on the couple, each and everyone of you are different. We just like to ensure that our couples are comfortable and having fun! It’s amazing really how many people tell us they hadn’t really noticed us or they simply just forgot that the camera was rolling!

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