If it’s not a Wedding it’s Horses….

Horsing Around…..

A couple of my lovely friends were off cross country training at a local equestrian centre, Eland Lodge in readiness for their One Day Event. I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a go at filming them over the course with my DSLR. So I took it along with me just to experiment really as they are not the easiest cameras to film with outside of weddings.

I am wowed with both the quality and the settings I chose to film with kept everything pretty much in focus. That was a great result as horses move pretty quickly so to follow focus continually would have been rather difficult to do throughout the whole of the filming. Plus I didn’t wish for any form of motion blur The sun was particularly blinding so thank goodness for my Loupe, I could not have managed without it!

The Canon 5D MKIII is one awesome camera, I love it. I’ve only ever used it for taking photographs and filming weddings! Now I’ve filmed a variety of things from commercial videos to horses! On this particular occasion, I took my Canon 24-70mm F2/8 as the lens to shoot with as I knew they’d be times where I’d be quite close running around on the cross country course. It was truly hard work running after two ladies on horseback going a lot quicker than me. I think in hindsight I would use my bigger zoom lens to capture the jumping at a further distance away for more footage. So what did I do? Well I set my shutter speed on between 1/250-1/500 from recollection to prevent motion blur (and for Twixtor purposes), ISO to compensate for loss of light getting in to the camera and set my Iris accordingly. No blurriness, lots in focus but I did loose depth of field but in this instance that wasn’t a bad thing anyway as it wasn’t needed!

Overall, I’m impressed with the footage captured and edited together to create this short film. I am pleased to say that Emma and Mandy love this short film and have asked me to film some further events in the near future!

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