This was my first ever live networking event I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to film. It was a great evening with lots of networking, interesting talks/presentations by Vicky Clark who runs her catering company, had prepared lots of tasty canopes and small but delightful puddings. During the evening, we also got to learn all about Heage Mill and the flour it still produces and sells today to the general public. I never knew that it was still a working mill!! There was even a business prize giving raffle…..

The AvYourSayLive3 event took place at Lumb Farm, a wedding, events & conference venue near Ripley, Derbyshire. Lots of people were in attendance from local Amber Valley businesses representing the companies that they own or work for. Every Tuesday between 8.00-9.00pm, local Derbyshire businesses can join in the twitter chat #AvYourSay. It’s a great way to network online with local business providers and services. Trust me the guys that run the event are really friendly, helpful and professional! So if you’ve never given it a go…. try it tonight 8.00pm-9.00pm look out for the #AvYourSay tag and tweeters @SocialMyna, @AbacusBelper, @TreeHugga, @AmberValleyWines 🙂 above all enjoy, promote and make new contacts! Watch the video below and you never know we could see you at the next live event……

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