The New Mrs D – a book by Heather Hill

So what have we been up to this week. Well aside from editing a beautiful Peak District wedding…. I’ve also co-produced my first ever book trailer for my wonderful sister-in-law, Heather Hill.

It sounds easy right? It’s more complex than you think…. why? It took a lot of good friends, time and patience plus lots of filming at various locations in South Derbyshire to create a look of one honeymoon destination in Greece. The weather had to be perfect for a sunset ride on horseback sporting yes a bikini, that in itself is a challenge, it’s risky (no hat nor saddle) plus it’s on a horse, horses can be unpredictable but Charlie and his owner Estelle were just perfect for the role, I really couldn’t have got any better. Both were superstars throughout and I cannot thank them enough for doing this on mine and Heather’s behalf. Next on the thank you list is my wonderful daughter for helping with one of the scenes which brought together an explosion of laughter over a fish, yes seriously a fish!!

Now I’m not going to give the game away about the film or what the book is about, I’ll just let you watch the trailer!!!  The trailer was filmed using DSLRs and edited in Final Cut Pro X (again a first for me, but I am rather pleased with it).

Enjoy, and should you wish to purchase your very own copy, please visit the link here

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