CREST – Corporate Filming

Good morning there 🙂 hope you had a fabulous weekend. I know I did, I went off to the Your Horse Live 2014 event on Saturday at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, had a great time there plus meeting the lovely Mary King and Carl Hester was an additional bonus. Anyway, I ramble…..

Today I’d like to show you a film about a local school near to where I live that offers an after school club where pupils can come and be a part of the club learning all about creative science and engineering. Student’s get to study scientific topics they’re interested in and partake in practical side of scientific engineering, if there project requires this.

The purpose of this film is to promote the school’s club to other students from that school and other neighbouring schools, as it is the only local school around the Swadlincote area that offer this amazing opportunity to pupils of all ages. It interviews students that are come to the club, what they like about it and what they’ve learnt. It also demonstrates what student’s can achieve. Science Teacher, Adam Rayson runs the project where students can attend once or twice a week. Student’s also get the opportunity to enter competitions against other CREST members from other partaking schools. Contact William Allitt school for more details of the days CREST runs as since filming this, the days may have changed with the new academic year.

Here is the film:-

If you’re a school or college that offers something different and would like to promote it to other students, on your website etc, why not get in touch with me to discuss. I’d be delighted to assist.

Thanks for watching


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