Final Cut Pro X

It’s been quite a slow journey moving from my pc to my iMac. Mainly because I was so used to editing on my pc using Sony Vegas. It was after all the first film editing suite I learnt. I’ve never even used Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. I generally just go for the big guns and learn from there.

I had a day’s training on Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) and that prepared me a little but I was in no position to edit a full wedding. In fact a few months down the line, I’m actually editing my first full wedding using FCPX. I’ve edited a few small projects for practice and get used to the program. It’s certainly different for many reasons. The Mac works in a completely different way, commands are all different and I still need to figure out how not to lose my synced audio when I do a cutaway as it moves! So things are moving albeit slowly. There is hope though! I will have to do some googling to tackle the audio issue before I set to edit the full ceremony and speeches. I’ve synced them in Plural eyes 3.5 (not used multi cam function). See in Vegas you just press S on the timeline and it cuts the film, you delete then drag files to position on timeline, easy. FCPX to a new person is a tad scary but I am enjoying the challenge and FCPX in general. I’m most impressed so far. I have Motion to tackle next… ummm

I shall be sharing a few short films that have been edited in FCPX over the course of the next few days. So please do check back…

My poor pc has got ridiculously slow and everything keeps crashing, so it was just time to move over to the iMac or end up with pc sat in garden upside down. Yes it actually got that close.

Here’s just a couple of screen grabs from the wedding I’m currently editing at the moment. Plus one large logo jpeg comprising of three companies that I created in Photoshop for the first time!

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