Thinking About 2016 Already?

Have you recently got engaged? Maybe your wedding day is finally around the corner with months left to finish off the final preparations. If 2016 is the year of your wedding but you still have lots left to plan, how would you feel if we made it easier for you? It has been a while since we offered an early bird special but with enquiries coming in we thought about bringing it back.

I guess it is daunting thinking that your big day is so close yet so far away, things maybe half finished or an item has been missed off your to do list and panicking begins. Then can you predict what will happen next? People will ask why you are panicking and then you will panic more as you think you are over panicking so it is like a vicious circle. From experience finishing the last bits of my wedding made me miss planning it but we had a lovely day. I cannot really remember what I left until the very end but I know there was something. I easily forgot about what I had done and not done (no to do lists, unorganised, yes indeed) but the enquiries we have received recently are for a few weeks/months before the big day. This is not a bad thing at all, I must say I find it exciting to see what we have got coming up like the wedding we have on Saturday which was booked just under four weeks ago. It is nice to see people change their minds about having a videographer for their wedding day as we will do whatever we can to make your memories special!

So what is the offer?

Good question, the offer allows new 2016 couples to save 10% off any package if they are getting married throughout next year. The offer only applies if you book your video by 1st March 2015 and all we require is a 20% deposit to secure your date. However, this offer will be on a first come, first served basis so contact us today about our availability for next year.

We can discuss any packages you may have seen, questions about your day or what we would capture for you. Anything you may think you need to know more information about please do not worry about contacting us. 

We are circulating this image across Facebook so if you are in any of the wedding groups on there keep your eyes open for this.

MM Offer

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