Meet and Greet

Before thinking ‘Oh no I’m a bit worried we might be making a mistake here’ it is important to highlight that we are not pushy sales people, we understand couples worry about where their money goes. So we’ll talk you through our process for a bit of ease.

If you’re thinking about hiring us for your wedding then why don’t you arrange to meet us before you consider booking with us? We love the idea of getting to know our clients (without this sounding cheesy) before their special day so we can make friends not just take money off people. Straight to the point, I know.

In the next few weeks we’re meeting with a potential client and this couples wedding is in December this year, they haven’t booked yet but they’re really keen to meet us and we’re excited to meet them. This meeting will be about getting to know the couples by having a friendly approach and discussion about them. We will then discuss details about the wedding and the venue and what they’ll get from their wedding video. 

We have always insisted in meeting with our clients before their wedding day to get to know one another and to talk to them about our filming. Please do not feel pressured by us, we do not expect you to book with us right there and then, we would love to meet and have a chat with you regarding us, our service and your day.

If the distance between us all is too far, why don’t you Skype us instead? One of our previous brides Skyped us as a meeting was quite difficult to arrange due to the couple living in London and it was a little too far for an hours meeting. If you require this service then please ‘Contact Us’ and we can give your our Skype username.

We’re all about getting to know you, if you want to get to know us then just head over to Midway-Media Wedding & Event Videographers on Facebook and see what we get up to 🙂

This is the team at Midway-Media:

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