The Hidden Costs of Videography

We have received many enquiries over the last two weeks and this blog post is not to slate any of them, all of our enquiries have been lovely. I’m writing about this because a few enquiries have said ‘I don’t actually know what the costs are for videography.’ ‘I didn’t realise how much work goes into videography.’ We’ve had many people say this to us which is understandable because I don’t think videography has ever really been explained.

I am going to highlight what goes into a videographers day whether it is at a wedding, event or corporate film. 

If we have been asked to work for the full day of the wedding this means, travelling before hand which could be up to 2.5 hours depending on the distance. We cover up to 2 hours of the bridal preps, ceremony, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and we will continue with a few shots afterwards. This may sound quite easy but it really isn’t. The course of the day could be up to 12, 13, 14 hours for the entire day for the filming. At the end of the day/evening, we are extremely tired but we absolutely love our job.

Midway-Media  are a team of two, myself and my husband Barry. We have also had to ask our daughter to help us with bigger weddings so technically we can be a team of three. We do not just use your standard HD cameras, we have spent nearly £35,000 for our equipment to provide the best quality service possible. We have glidetracks/sliders, glidecams, tripods, sound recorders, monopods, lighting equipment and these come along with us to your wedding day. Of course we have to insure these due to accidental damage or theft not forgetting public liability insurance so that’s more costs we have to think about as well as music licensing so we can use songs on wedding videos. Also, as we film with HD DSLRs the file sizes are rather large so in order for us to edit seamlessly, we need good computer gear and media software. This is an additional expense of about £5,000 but this is the route we’ve chosen to produce the best work we can!

Once we have filmed a wedding we then have to transfer the footage from the day we can be a number of hours worth of filming especially if we have used three cameras to make sure we have the shots you’re looking for. I’ll sit through all of the footage and colour grade it, edit the audio sounds, putting clips to music and syncing it all together. It is not a five minute job, there have been times where it has taken up 60 hours to edit a wedding film and we have to take this into account when we’re quoting our work because it is still us working from your day. I will occasionaly stay up until one o’clock in the morning when necessary, if I’m working on a project just to get it right and where I’m happy with it. Our style of editing is very time consuming outside the formal parts of the day. We’re trying to tell the perfect story and reflect your personalities into your film as well as capture and use as much detail as we can. Our job is to create a beautiful wedding film that highlights your day.

We do spend a lot of time thinking about what we would like to capture in our videos, we spend time putting them together as we want our clients to sit back and remember their wedding day in the best possible way. We do get emotionally involved into our videos just because getting married is for life and making those vows to the person you love can be very emotional. Making it extra special for you is what we aim to do.

We will try our best to accommodate our clients as we’re not all about us, we absolutely adore the people we work with and would love to work with more lovely like minded couples out there. There are alternatives available with us if you just fancy having a chat about it. We don’t direct our clients, unless they wish to do something fun, we just capture the day as it happens. We try our best not to get in the way of your photographer so as not to ruin your photos and of course not to annoy your photographer.

I understand some people are aware of the amount of work that goes into videography but some people are unsure. A lot of people say ‘You get what you pay for’ in some cases, yes this is true but if you are looking for a cheaper videographer be aware that watching their work is an absolute MUST! We have seen examples of people booking their videographer and being absolutely devastated with their video. You can ask to meet your videographer, we offer to meet our clients before any bookings made just to see if we’re right for them.

This is my full time job and I could not ask for a better job, sometimes it is difficult, sometimes you get stuck with editing processes but I would not want to do anything else :). Like a writer, we occasionally get editor’s block but a bit of time away to think, it will all be fine and I reflect, recap and then everything is all good once again! To see our wedding films, why not visit us on Vimeo

Thanks for reading, happy planning and chat soon.

Tracey xx

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