New Stuff

We at Midway Media are always investing in new equipment/software for our business. We do this because we love filming and we love creating stunning visual masterpieces. We love the fact that we’re continuing to up our game and offer something modern, creative and innovative to new clients, whether that be a wedding or a promotional film for a business.

So what’s new, well we have already purchased one of the items on my goodies to buy list and that is the Koolertron 60cm Slider 🙂

In fact it will be having it’s first outing on Sunday at the Kedleston Hall wedding fayre that we’ll be exhibiting at.

The bit of kit which is essential is a new DSLR, namely the Canon 6D :), this will replace my existing Canon 7D camera. If I could afford it, I’d purchase another Canon 5D MK3 as I love this camera so much!


The next thing on the goodies to buy list is the Kessler Travel Jib. I’ve wanted one of these for sooooo long….. it’s going to be a great asset for stunning shots.

Lastly, it’s the BarberTech Steddiepod – no image of this unfortunately, I’m trying to source it in the UK. It is essentially a mono-pod with the ability to act as a glide cam without all the necessary weights needed to ensure stability when using a glide cam. I have a glide cam just never used it! Perhaps I should 🙂

That’s it really for now, apart from little things like a brand new Macbook Pro…. a few new lenses, the spending really never stops!

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