Dovecliffe Hall Wedding Highlights Film – Sarah and Frazer

Our brand new highlights film that we have to show you all has been put together in a different style than how we would normally work. This is one of my favourite videos that I have ever put together, the lighting is fantastic at the venue and we had lots of varied shots.

When we were asked by Sarah and Frazer to film their wedding on recommendation from photographer Emma Nunn, we were delighted. We’ve never filmed at Dovecliffe Hall near Burton-on-Trent before and it’s one of those venues that is right on our doorstep. The wedding ceremony took place at 4.00pm on 17th January 2015. Our first wedding of the year. The lighting was just great as it had been a lovely sunny day!

Sarah and Frazer are such an adorable couple and we loved working and being a part of their day! It is always lovely to work with Dave and Emma Nunn, we all make a great team!

Since posting this wedding online last night we have received such a positive response and even Sarah herself sent us this wonderful email:

“Well… Through the tears we have watched it twice already, it’s perfect! We adore it. You have captured our day beautifully and we couldn’t have asked for more. Stunning. 
Thank you so very much. xx “


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