Cubley Hall Wedding Highlights

I know it’s been a while but with wedding season in full swing, the blog has just taken a bit of a back seat.  Bear with me while I bring it up to date with not just only wedding films we’ve been working on but little updates as to what we’ve been up to as well as some interesting articles that I feel are somewhat educational.

Back to Stephanie and Kevin’s wedding day.  Steph contacted me after receiving a recommendation from the lovely Adele over at Blue Lights Photography, Steph and Kev’s wedding photographer.  I cannot begin to tell you have lovely it is when a photographer especially one that you’ve known a while but never worked with, recommends you to one of their clients. It’s so nice!  So never having met neither the bride or the groom, we set off up to Barnsley to film their wedding.  It was our first time filming at Cubley Hall Hotel and a lovely venue it is tucked away in the Yorkshire countryside.  On first meeting Steph I was greeted with a gorgeous smile, not from just Steph but her beautiful daughter Ruby.  Barry went off to film venue detail and decor leaving me to film the latter part of the bridal preps working alongside Adele.  It was lovely meeting her for the first time and working with her was a breeze!  I know the photos will be amazing!   The ceremony and reception room were held in what looked to be a converted stone barn, just beautiful.  All lit up in fairy lights and candles gave the room an ambient rustic vintage romance feel to it.  It was lovely and so glad we got to be a part of it all.

I didn’t get to meet Kevin until after the ceremony and what a lovely guy albeit a little nervous and shy.  He delivered a lovely speech as did Steph’s father and of course the laughs were left to the Best Man which were delivered very well!  An excellent day!  Lovely couple, beautiful children and we wish Stephanie and Kevin a long and prosperous marriage.  Here are their wedding day highlights

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