Equine Filming – For Training, Businesses & Events

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Welcome to the Equine Gallery of Midway Media.  Please use the gallery menu to navigate to the appropriate event folders. If you would like a copy the any of the photos displayed, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Form. For more information regarding equine photography, please visit http://www.tmsphotography.co.uk

Equine Filming – Prices Start from £15.00 for dressage test filming & lessons

Being really passionate about horses, as a rider myself bringing on a youngster and competing, I have recognised that there is a gap in the market for professional horse videos for people who not only run equine related businesses but would like a professional videographer to come along and film their dressage tests/lessons and events.  We have a great video kit to capture as much as possible at an event and can offer the rider the GoPro helmet camera to film another angle when going XC.

I believe that with my working knowledge of horses, the equine industry as a whole, I can relate and understand what my equine clients want and need. Whether it be a promotional video for their equine business or a showreel for a stallion at stud, I can help!

If you have a horse for sale, I can make a short film, that shows off his true potential to prospective buyers from as little as £75.00. I have been amazed at the number of the poor quality of videos online showing horses for sale as well as those not so flattering photos and this is where I can help. With a professional video, there would be no more wind whistling into that Iphone mic or camcorder mic, or excessive wobbles, out of focus shots, blurry and quick zooms, which lets face it, is very distracting and really isn’t showing off your horse.

As well as creating my own projects, I am also available for freelance videography work with other equestrian production crews in the UK.

Here are some short videos I’ve produced so far:-

Trailblazers Promo Film in conjunction with Steed Media

Short video demonstrating the medium & extended trot

Mrs M Morris Competing Elementary 42 Dressage Test on Fred (NA)

Mrs M Morris Competing Novice 27 Dressage Test on Fred (NA)

Izabela & Freddie at Hartpury Equine College, Glous

XC Training with Mandy & Emma

Solocomb & Solorake Promotional Video

Horse for Sale

One thought on “Equine Filming – For Training, Businesses & Events

  1. Hi I would like to order 8 FB pictures from the Brooksby CT day. I have numbers for the jumping section, but none are provided for the dressage, could I please have an email address, so that I can explain which ones they are and arrange payment. Lovely pictures. Thank you. Karen

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