Knowle Hill Visit – Charlotte Dujardin

Here are a selection of images taken from Charlotte Dujardin’s recent visit to Knowle Hill Equestrian Centre.  For ordering prints see the contact form below.  As soon as we have received your order, we will email over an invoice for payment.

Other sizes and canvas prints are also available, please contact us for a quote.

Postage and packaging will be added to the invoice accordingly per order but will be no more than £2.00 in total, unless bulk buying larger mounted prints where postage will be calculated.

Please note  that the copyright on all images, print or digital remains the property of Midway Media.

On purchased images, the purchaser may reproduce the image for personal use to print, use on social media sites and includes advertising a horse for sale.  If a copyright image is found to be on Social networking sites such as Facebook without our permission, a charge of £50.00 per image will be made for using such images.   

For commercial or editorial use please contact Tracey at Midway Media at

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